Last two days of the work placement.

Last two days of the work placement.

On the last two days, Jess and I got to work with Louise again. This time we were feeling extremely excited because we got to delicately handle large paintings in the massive store room. Our task on the last two days involved recording the titles of the paintings, the artists’ names and the paintings’ locations in the store room. It was a very technical task. Basically, the purpose of it had to do with the gallery’s collection database which solely dealt with managing the locations of the artworks. Before we commenced our task, Louise printed out three contact sheets which had mini photographs of all the paintings inside the store room. Thus, we then had to use those sheets as our guide and look for tags which were attached to each painting. Those tags must have had all of the information/details about each painting. All we had to do was write down those details. Eventually, it took an entire day for Jess and I to go through all of the paintings in that store room. While we were recording the details and information about the paintings, we came across many works by well-known artists such as Leonie Watson, Tony Tuckson etc. We got see the works that were just magnificent and so powerful. There were so many extraordinary paintings which I never thought that I would ever get to see. And on the last day, I had to take photographs of all the paintings in the store room and worked with the collection of loaned artworks. Overall, all I could say was that the experiences of volunteering were so great and so rewarding and it was something that I could never forget.

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