I feel like there always has to be some kind of concepts or themes that run through all kinds of work of art. In many ways, looking from my personal point of view, those concepts or themes are just like mirrors that constantly reflect social, political and cultural issues of the world which we all […]

What does it mean to be different?

My name is Pirada Kuanpoth. Ever since I was a child I had always felt like I was a different from everybody else . I didn’t have any friends at all until I got into university. But I have always loved making art. It’s the best form of communication between myself and the world around […]

Working with Ink.

Personally, I believe that art is purely about self-expression. Most of the time when I create any forms of art, there’s no legitimate reason behind it. With these particular series of works, they have nothing to do with my major project at all whatsoever. They reveal my perception of the world at the time I […]

Tyza Stewart

Tyza Stewart is a visual artist who explores gender identity through an art practice based in continual self-portraiture. Tyza uses documentation and memories from their own childhood as well as more current experiences to inform an interrogation of understandings of normality in relation to gender. Resulting self-portraits depict ambiguously gendered selves that publicly fail to […]

Last two days of the work placement.

On the last two days, Jess and I got to work with Louise again. This time we were feeling extremely excited because we got to delicately handle large paintings in the massive store room. Our task on the last two days involved recording the titles of the paintings, the artists’ names and the paintings’ locations […]

Blondes do have more fun !!!!!!

This artwork is part of the current major project that I’ve working on. I used blonde wigs as the most crucial elements in this work. My main aim of this particular piece of art is to portray the idea of androgyny and flamboyance. This concept ties in with my three paintings. My essential focus of […]

Translucent Rayon

As part of my major works project, I have been creating a series of paintings which focus upon the subject of transsexuals and post-gender imagery. However, with this particular piece of work, I started off by painting a tiny portrait of Rayon. Then, I intentionally painted a larger size version of her right on top […]