Workplacement at Wollongong City Gallery

Since 10th of September, I have been participating in the work placement program at the Wollongong City Gallery as part of my CAVA 361 Assessment. My tasks as a volunteer involve checking the condiditons of the exhibitited artworks, arranging artworks into a chronological orders (alphabetically), learning the proceess of hanging the artworks (this includes measuring […]

Rayon (Screen Print on A3)

In this work, I use a screen-printing method to represent Rayon. This idea to incorporate the method of screen-printing derives from my inspiration of Andy Warhol. Personally, I think Warhol was the complex personification of the collapsing interrelations between art and fashion in queer culture. I am inspired by his screen prints and the way […]

Rayon (Stencil on Stretched Fabric)

In this particular work, I set out to experiment with different techniques. I stretch a cotton fabric on an A3 size canvas. Firstly, I transferred an original image using a tracing method and traced the image onto a tracing paper. Then, I began cutting out the lines that I traced onto the tracing paper. However, […]

Oil Painting of Rayon (Full Figure)

This is a large-scale oil painting of Rayon. In this painting, I want to capture Rayon’s character through her body movement and her clothing. I feel that these elements define the deconstruction of the traditional binary categories of masculine and feminine. I want the viewer to see how one’s gender can be produced on the […]

My Pencil Sketch of Rayon

By portraying ethical and personal aspects of transgender, I consider clothing to be one of the most visible forms of intriguing performances which dictates a major role in the social construction of gender identity. In this smaller scale drawing, I want Rayon’s figure to speak of the notion of the bodies. I want to visually […]

Rayon as a Man

I presume that cyborgs in a way are the definition of gender complication. They complicate the ability to locate the truth about their gender identities. I suppose my topic of cyborgs and post-gender imagery examines the production of gender through its form of representation. Through this drawing, I encapsulate a male version of Rayon. Most […]

The Experimental Collage

This artwork that I created is presented in a form of collage. I like the idea of using cut-up images and parts of my drawing. In this work, I want Rayon’s eyes to signify the notion of identity. Thus, the eyes are essential elements in my collage. To me, representing Rayon in this manner, I […]

Rayon on Watercolour Paper

This particular work using watercolour pencils, I decided to delineate a life-like representation of a transsexual woman named Rayon. At the beginning of this year, I was reading an article about the AIDS drama that has been made in New Orleans and I totally felt really intrigued by the narrative behind this film, Dallas Buyers […]

Leigh Bowery, ‘Untitled’, 1994

Leigh Bowery was born in the suburb of Sunshine in Victoria, Australia. He was a performance artist, fashion designer, night club sensation and an art object. Bowery passed away in 1994 in London, United Kingdom. Bowery was well-known for creating delightful yet outrageous performances pieces. The provokingly flamboyant elements in Bowery’s works of art mainly […]